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Educational Consultants

VIU welcomes all educational consultants who are interested in student recruitment activities. On this website, you will find the required information to become an International Student Recruitment Representative (Agent) of VIU.

Virginia International University has a formal application process for educational consultants wishing to become an approved representative. We receive several requests each week from agents who want to partner with us. Therefore, agent appointments are a first come, first serve basis. VIU is an accredited university with an aim to provide quality education to eligible students across the world.

Once we review your completed application to become an educational consultant, we will contact your references. If your agency is approved to represent VIU, we will send you an Agent Agreement via e-mail and promotional materials. We value in-person visits. We provide training materials and we can also set up video conference calls when group training is helpful.

If you are interested in becoming one of VIU’s approved educational consultant, please fill out and submit the application below.

Agent Application Form