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School of Education

About School of Education at VIU

 About School of Education at VIU
Language Learning and Intercultural Exchange in the Technology Era
CLLC 2015: Assessment in World Languages: Challenges for Research and Application
CLLC 2015: L2-Proficiency Testing K-16: Current Issues with Norming, Construct Validity, and Ethics

CLLC 2015: Reflections on the Nature of Assessment, and Implications for its Practice
Voices From The Field: Teaching Online: Design, Delivery, and Management
Voices from the Field: Fostering Civility in Higher Education”
Voices From the Field: You had me at PBL”

Voices From The Field : Third Culture and Cross Cultured Kids
The Classroom in the Age of Networked Learning
2014 Plenary 2
Understanding & Embracing the Multilingual Heritage

VFF: English as an International Language
VFF: Education Employment Opportunities (Jan. 2014)
Conference on Language, Learning, and Culture (CLLC)
Voices from Field: Dr. Mika Hamma

Voices from Field: George Rado
APA Style Workshop (Nov. 2013)
SED Minute Lecture Series -Learning Styles
SED Minute Lecture Series -ESL

Voices From the Field : “Promoting Student Autonomy”