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Why Choose Us!

Do you want to study at a university where you are the priority? At VIU Online, we focus on you.

6 Start Dates

VIU online courses are taught in a flexible eight-week format, so you have the option to enroll in VIU online courses 6 times per year.

Affordable Tuition

VIU is a non-profit organization committed to supporting students by providing low-cost, quality education.

Globally-Inspired Faculty

Our online classes are case-based to provide you with current hands-on knowledge you can take into the workplace.

Student Support

Several methods of delivery are being used to make sure that online students have access to our student support.

Online Classroom

Academic Technology

Our eLearning Platform for you to access your course material, submit your assignments, communicate with your instructor and classmates.

Student Services

Student Services

All services offered to on-campus students are available to online students as well. Many of the events held on campus are recorded and offered to online students.


Online Library

At VIU Online, textbooks for many courses will be available electronically.

Explore Testimonials

“The VIU School of Online Education has allowed me to pursue my dream of earning a master’s degree without disrupting my career!” As a resident of the DC/Metro area, earning your master’s degree at a local institution can be very expensive, and many universities don’t have well-established online programs available. ...

With my background in engineering and management, along with my experience in product management and marketing, I had a true know-how and sense of business. However, I wanted more knowledge in the area of IT in order to make myself more versatile and to excel in my career. Virginia International ...

Without a doubt, one of VIU’s greatest assets is its diversity in student body and in faculty. I have been exposed to students from varied backgrounds. Some students are professionals seeking to advance their knowledge through VIU’s TESOL program, other students are new to graduate work. However, one common thread ...

After 3 years of thinking about it, I finally made up my mind: I wanted to go on with my studies even though I had finished my degree 14 years ago. What took me so long? Well… Apart from my full time job, my husband, my two kids (8 and ...

“Ariunjargal Tsogtbayar: Receive support 24/7” When I was applying to VIU, I had so many questions! The admissions department and staff were wonderful – they patiently answered all of them and guided me through the application process. As a student, I continued to benefit from the 24 hour support, through ...

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