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Do you want to study at a university where you are the priority? At VIU Online, we focus on you.

6 Start Dates

VIU online courses are taught in a flexible eight-week format, so you have the option to enroll in VIU online courses 6 times per year.

Affordable Tuition

VIU is a non-profit organization committed to supporting students by providing low-cost, high-quality education.

World-Class Faculty

Our online classes are case-based to provide you with current hands-on knowledge you can take into the workplace.

Student Support

Several methods of delivery are being used to make sure that online students have access to our student support.

Access Canvas

Our eLearning Platform for you to access your course material, submit your assignments, communicate with your instructor and classmates.

Student Services

All services offered to on-campus students are available to online students as well. Many of the events held on campus are recorded and offered to online students.

Online Library

At VIU Online, textbooks for many courses will be available electronically.

VIU will prepare you, challenge you, and change you

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Welcome to Virginia International University! We are pleased you have chosen to consider our university for your higher education needs....

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“The VIU School of Online Education has allowed me to pursue my dream of earning a master’s degree without disrupting my career!” As a resident of the DC/Metro area, earning your master’s degree at a local institution can be very expensive, and many universities don’t have well-established online programs available. ...

Most recently, I reside in North Carolina. As I have prior education and experience in the computer science field, I am always trying to expand my knowledge and polish my skills. I decided to pursue a master’s degree in computer science with VIU’s School of Online Education because of the ...

With my background in engineering and management, along with my experience in product management and marketing, I had a true know-how and sense of business. However, I wanted more knowledge in the area of IT in order to make myself more versatile and to excel in my career. Virginia International ...

Virginia International University is helping me achieve my goals one step at a time. Virginia International University’s staff provided me with all the information that I needed to get started. I am able to earn my credits and learn the materials necessary to fulfill my college degree with the help ...

At last, I started my study from 21st October, I am learning speaking and listening currently. I think that I am very lucky to be one student of this program. The whole progress enrollment was quite hard. Since I am very slow at computer, and here in China, foreign websites ...

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